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Students may enter in the fall semester commencing in late August, the spring
semester commencing in mid January, the special spring semester commencing
in mid April, or the summer term commencing in mid June.

Entrance or Transfer Requirements
Entrance to all undergraduate degree programs requires a high school diploma
or a G.E.D. Certificate. Entrance to the master’s program requires a bachelor’s
degree or approved equivalent. Entrance to the doctoral programs requires a
bachelor’s degree or approved equivalent.

First time freshmen and transfer student applicants with less than 15 credit
hours of college work must provide high school transcripts. Others need send
only college transcripts.

Music credits transferred from other institutions may be subject to re -examination
for placement determination. Scores for ACT, SAT, GRE, TOEFL,
and other standardized examinations may be helpful but are not necessary, since
the Conservatory prefers to make its own evaluations. Transfer students should
be in good academic standing at the institution of most recent enrollment.

Letters of recommendation may be helpful but are not required, since, as stated
above, the Conservatory prefers to make its own evaluations.

Automatic Entrance for Degree Programs
Those who complete any degree at the Conservatory will be automatically accepted
into the next higher degree program. However, entry into advanced diploma
programs is by examination only, and the completion of a conservatory degree
will not provide automatic entry.

Entrance Requirement for Honors Certificate
Holders of a Certificate of Basic Musicianship from the Conservatory or an
approved equivalent, and who exhibit clear potential for a major career in music,
may be accepted for entry into the curriculum for the Honors Certificate.

Entrance Requirement for Artist Diploma
Holders of a Master of Music degree or Honors Certificate from the Conservatory
will be automatically deemed eligible to enter the curriculum for the Artist
Diploma. Others who are deemed to have equivalent preparation, and who exhibit
outstanding performance potential, may also be admitted

Placement is based solely on demonstrated skills and knowledge. Unlike many
colleges and universities, a professional conservatory has no concern for the
number of hours spent in a classroom. Incoming students will have ample
opportunity to qualify at their true level of ability. Those who qualify for advanced
standing will be enabled to complete their course of study in less time. On the
other hand, any deficiencies must be made up by means of suitable course work.

Financial Aid


Students from all economic circumstances are assured that the American
Conservatory of Music will make every effort to assist them with the costs of
undergraduate and graduate degree study. The Conservatory does not participate
in the Federal Title IV Student Financial Aid Program nor any other Federal or
State government programs. All financial assistance at the Conservatory is from
private sector sources. Sources of Financial Assistance include the following:

Board of Governors Grants-in-Aid

Students who are U.S. citizens may be eligible for this program, funds permitting.
Up to 50% of tuition may be realized from this privately funded source. Live
audition with the prospective major teacher is required. No one may be accepted
for this program without approval of the major teacher. High grade averages are
required for continued aid. Only those deemed to have a realistic possibility of
professional and artistic success in music will be considered.

The Leo Heim Presidential Scholarships

These scholarships are given in honor of Leo Heim, late President Emeritus of the
Conservatory. Funding is limited and may not be available at certain times.
Because of the competitive nature of the music profession these awards are both
merit based and need based. When funds are available equal opportunity will be
given to the entire student body

Accuracy of Financial Information

Financial assistance at the Conservatory is based upon both merit and need. It is
therefore important that personal financial information submitted be adequate
and accurate. Students should exercise diligence in preparation of all requested
information, taking care neither to make any false statements nor to omit to state
any material facts. In the case of any student who supplies false or misleading
financial data, all financial assistance will be permanently withdrawn.

General Scholarship Standards
All students receiving financial assistance in any form must maintain a
minimum grade of A in all course work in order to remain eligible to continue
receiving such assistance. There is no provision for probation should grades fall
below that level.

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