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Welcome to the Music Dean's Page
Steven J. Reid, DMA, Dean of Music Studies

Subseqent to my recent appointment to serve as the new Dean of Music Studies, I feel it is appropriate to express my philosophies and introduction to both students and prospective students of the American Conservatory of Music. I am proud to join the team and promise to be an effective successor to prior Deans who have served this institution well, since its founding in 1886. To this position, I bring a wealth of experience as an educator and a musician. Originally from New York, where I obtained the rudiments of my education and experience (NYC Public Schools, Mannes College of Music, Brooklyn Philharmonic, Broadway Musician, Local 802, Columbia University), I'm also currently on the music faculty at South Carolina State University. In that capacity, I have acted as representative of South Carolina State University in the process of its ten-year reaffirmation by the National Association of Schools of Music, a national accrediting organization founded by this institution in the year 1924. In that capacity, I was a Co-Chairman in the effort. As Dean of Music Studies, my duties will also include Applied Instruction in Trumpet and upper brass, Theory and Ear Training, Jazz Theory, and Conducting.

I have substantial experience in trumpet performance including being a full-time Broadway Musician for the Schubert Theatre, the South Carolina Philharmonic (Nicholas Smith, Music Director), the Brooklyn Philharmonic (Lucas Foss, Music Director) and the Dick Goodwin Big Band. I have comparable experience at several institutions including: Visiting Lecturer of Music/Interim Director of Bands at Claflin University (Orangeburg, SC), Visiting Instructor of Music/Director of Bands at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, Adjunct Band Director at Teachers College/Columbia University. In that capacity, I was also a member of Spirit, the resident jazz ensemble under the direction of Dr. Bertrand Konowitz.

It is my philosophy, shared by the rich traditions of the Conservatory, that the undergraduate degree is the essential, albeit, first degree for serious music students. It is within the undergraduate degree program (curriculum) that performance, analysis, critical thinking, and the rudiments of one's chosen profession are cultured. It is also under this venture that student musicians observe, inquire and are shown the ability to interact with successful artists in their chosen fields within integrated arts. It is my pledge to provide our students with leadership to obtain, at a superior level, required fundamentals, education and performance endeavors for their continuous success in their chosen fields. As an administrator, I will continue to raise the level of excellence by exposing students and our artist faculty to the highest level of professional endeavors globally.

I am in agreement with my predecessor that faculty and students, in preparing research for any chosen endeavor, will consult standard reputable sources of distinction only. In furtherance of the spirit of that long-standing policy, the Conservatory, under my direction, continues to ban the use of and their related mirrored web sites, which collectively, as such, do not meet the minimum standards of academic integrity.

I am satisfied, after consulting publically available evidence, that the American Conservatory of Music was rescued from the threat of closure in the year 1991 under the direction of Dr. Carl Waldschmidt, and that national accreditation under the NASM, and Title IV eligibility continued without interruption throughout that period, and thus, the Conservatory has remained open up to the present time. I am indeed pleased to serve the best interests of the American Conservatory of Music.

Steven J. Reid
Dean of Music Studies

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