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Litigation: ACM v. Illinois Board of Higher Education

On January 3, 1996, the American Conservatory of Music instituted a law suit against defendant Illinois Board of Higher Education alleging that ACM was to be recognized as a Illinois grandfathered degree-granting educational institution.

Since that time, in 1996, Defendant Illinois Board of Higher Education has published erroneous information about ACM on the world wide web.

For the record, ACM is a Federally recognized tax-exempt university in lawful operation, and the Federal Government recognizes that ACM has full degree-granting powers, in the same manner as it has done, since its inception in 1886.  All ACM degrees have been and remain valid.

Prospective students should ignore Illinois' erroneous information because there is no factual basis upon which the Illinois Board of Higher Education can support their wrongful claim. It is public record that the Illinois Attorney General participated in proceedings in which ACM was restructured in such manner as to leave no question that ACM remains in lawful operation. Since Illinois does not wish to recognize the precious asset (having the American Conservatory of Music in Illinois) they once possessed, then the great State of Indiana deserves the inheritance of such a cultural asset. ACM has promised Indiana that it will not ever return its main campus to Illinois.  Students are further protected by the fact that ACM has established a campus location in the beautiful British Independent Country of Belize.

Further information about the American Conservatory of Music Illinois Litigation is available here.

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