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President Schulze

A Message from the President...

     The American Conservatory of Music, from its founding in 1886, has reflected the high moral ideals and demanding educational standards of John J. Hattstaedt, a sensitive and discerning pedagogue whose family provided the guiding force behind the Conservatory for many decades.

     The Conservatory grew rapidly and was for a time the nation's largest independent conservatory.  It has achieved worldwide recognition for its strong contributions to music education through training of outstanding professionals and educators.

     Faculty personnel and graduates have performed with the Metropolitan and Lyric Opera Companies, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Grant Park Orchestra, the Chicago Symphony Chorus, The Telemann Society, and other prestigious ensembles in America, Europe, the Orient, and throughout the world.

     The Conservatory offers the degrees of Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, and Doctor of Musical Arts, and is constantly expanding its educational horizons.  In recent years we have established the new and vital jazz and commericial program designed to teach marketable skills to the musicians of tomorrow.  In addition, our curriculum has expanded in subsequent years to include Recording Technology, Entertainment Law, and Business of Music training essential to remaining competitive in all aspects of musical life.

     At the American Conservatory, individual attention is given each student.  The Conservatory seeks to encourage and develop to a maximum degree the unique creative potential of each student.  The Conservatory's highest commitment is to take music one step further, by developing techniques for creation of new audiences as well as by encouraging distinctive personal styles in performance and composition.  The traditions at the Conservatory encompass diverse cultures, uniting many customs and practices.

     The Conservatory sees music as one of the basic pillars of civilization, and seeks to bring the beauty of music to each and every life.


Theodora Schulze

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