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Conservatory Alumni

Among those who have studied at the Conservatory, some have gone on to become film stars whose names are household words.  Others have won Pulitzer Prizes, Grammy awards, and other prizes for their original compositions or other accomplishments in the industry.  Still others play in major symphony orchestras and sing in major opera companies.  Some are prominent in sacred music ministries, media production, orchestral and choral conducting, and other fields of music.  Some have become music faculty members of major colleges and universities.  Internationally renowned soloists and chamber musicians add to the list.  Conservatory graduates are also featured artists in famous rock bands and other pop music groups.  There are even some people who came to the Conservatory with no intention of being professional performers, but who wanted to gain a broad knowledge of the music field and to become prominent patrons of the arts, or who succeeded in the media business, working in harness with world famous musical performers.

Pulitzer Prize Recipients

Former students and faculty members of the Conservatory

Leo Sowerby (1895-1968)
Pulitzer Prize 1946
Mus.M., 1918

Gail Kubik (1914-1984)
Pulitzer Prize 1952
Mus.M., 1936

George Perle (1915- )
Pulitzer Prize 1986
Mus. M., 1942

Ned Rorem (1923- )
Pulitzer Prize 1976
Studies with Leo Sowerby 1938-39

Joseph Schwantner (1943- )
Pulitzer Prize 1979
Mus.B., 1964

The Movies

Myrna Loy
Dennis Morgan

"...I love this school with its orientation toward the young, including the very young, and the whole of the city.  It cannot simply bring music to the people, which is a cliche, but bring the people to music-all kinds of music-which is something important for all of us."

                                                                                                        ------Leonard Bernstein

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