Date: September 11, 2006

NEWS - Wikipedia made provably false statements about the American Conservatory of Music which have been corrected.

Recently, it has come to the attention of administratrators at the American Conservatory of Music that WIKIPEDIA.COM, one of the INTERNET's free encyclopedias, had published provably FALSE INFORMATION about the venerable Conservatory. WIKIPEDIA.COM, without checking either for accuracy or veracity, published the following false "definition" regarding the American Conservatory of Music, (one of the oldest music conservatories found in the mid-west United States):
Wikipedia FALSE STATEMENT - "The American Conservatory of Music was a conservatory university located in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in June, 1886 by John J. Hattstaedt, it ranked among the oldest music schools in the US, but was closed by bankruptcy in 1992."

The American Conservatory of Music was never closed either in 1992 or ever. The American Conservatory of Music remains open to this day from its inception in the year 1886 to the present date of this news article, August 9, 2006. If the "editors" of wikipedia had consulted the historical archive of the Chicago Tribune, it is plainly manifest that it would be against the weight of ethical conduct to publish "information" lacking any kind of veracity. Readers of this publication are invited to see for themselves that there is no basis of fact whereby the editors at could base their false published statement, because it is against the truth of the matter and unfairly maligns the Conservatory. The truth is that it RANKS among the oldest and most prestigious of music CONSERVATORIES in the United States and has served the arts sector for 120 years of continuous service since its inception in 1886 and it NEVER EVER declared bankruptcy.

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