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To foster the development of the Fine Arts and in particular the art of music.

To establish and maintain an institution for preserving and advancing learning, for discovering and encouraging talent, for cultivating appreciation, and, in general, for educating and instructing in all the branches of music as an art and as a science.

To establish, maintain, and offer to students a curriculum and course of instruction dealing thoroughly with the history, science, aesthetics, arts, and techniques of music in accordance with the best contemporary standards.

To educate music teachers; to train concert and professional musicians; to cultivate music criticism, taste, and appreciation; to discipline in the liberal and fine arts related to music, particularly the dramatic arts, choreography and the dance; to encourage the composition and creation of works of music.

To sponsor and encourage advanced research in all the branches of music and to provide facilities therefor; to provide scholarships and fellowships for deserving students of music.

To cooperate and participate in projects for the advancement of the public appreciation and understanding of music.

To acquire, own, use, and dispose of all form of property insofar as expedient for the accomplishment of the aforesaid purposes, and to accept any and all contributions, gifts, bequests, devises, or other donations which may be made to the corporation.

No dividends or distribution of the property of such corporation shall be made until all debts are fully paid and then only upon its final dissolution and surrender of organization and name; nor shall any distribution be made except by a vote of a majority of the members.

As Set Forth by John R. Hattstaedt, Marin Hattstaedt, and Katherine Hattstaedt in August of 1941.

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