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NEWS - Warning to Students and Friends of the American Conservatory of Music:

There is a bogus unaccredited "university" going under the name, "Southwest International University" (SWIU). SWIU is operated in violation of Hawaii and California state law by a "Dr." Henry T. Yeh (under shut down orders by the States of Hawaii and California). This group is NOT in any way (or manner) connected with the American Conservatory of Music. The bogus "university", Southwest International University LLC, is illegally using the name, "American Conservatory of Music" without our legal authorization or permission. The Conservatory filed two complaints against this organization with the State of California; one with the Attorney General, and the other with the Board of Proprietary Postsecondary Education (BPPE).

NEWS - American Conservatory of Music bestows honors upon Verdine White, Co-Founder of Earth, Wind, and Fire

The AMERICAN CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC is proud to announce that honors have been bestowed upon Verdine White, a noted alumnus of the Conservatory. The festivities began with an early morning celebration, on September 21, 2013, on a new holiday dubbed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel as Earth, Wind, and Fire Day. Also, on that same day, a commemorative stamp was produced and unveiled by the United States Postal Service in honor of Verdine White's especially notable services to the music industry. A new album by Earth, Wind, and Fire, entitled, "Now, Then, and Forever" is now available at all retail outlets.

The Conservatory recognizes Verdine White for his outstanding achievements in the industry, specifically his innate musical artistry and his ability to entertain at the best standards of musicianship. It is especially noted that his classical background has permitted him to bridge an important gap between the traditional and contemporary music genres to create a new appetite for musical enjoyment.

Verdine White was presented with honors and congratulations for these achievements and has received an Honorary Doctor of Music in Classical and Contemporary Music Theory and Performance from the American Conservatory of Music, established in the year 1886, by John J. Hattstaedt in Chicago, Illinois, and currently domiciled in Hammond, Indiana and Belize. The American Conservatory of Music continues its mission as a Tertiary Religious Educational Institution under the auspices of Belize and the State of Indiana, in the traditions and mission and scope envisioned by its founder and operated within the framework of the worship, life, and Holy Canons of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The American Conservatory of Music congratulates Verdine White for his distinctive service to the entertainment industry.

NEWS - American Conservatory of Music appoints Dean of Music Studies

The American Conservatory of Music has appointed Dr. Steven J. Reid, to serve as its Dean of Music Studies. Dr. Reid enjoys a dual career as a performer and an educator. His professional affiliations include Music Educators National Conference, South Carolina Band Directors Association, Musicians Union Local 802 (NYC), International Trumpet Guild, Society for Music Theory, and Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity. Dr. Reid earned a Bachelor of Music from Mannes College of Music (NYC). His principal teachers included Mark Gould (NY Metropolitan Opera Orchestra), Raymond Mase (American Brass Quintet), John Ware and William Vacciano (NY Philharmonic Orchestra). Dr. Reid holds a Master of Music in Theory from the University of South Carolina, and a DMA in Conducting from the American Conservatory of Music.

NEWS: Recorder Christmas CD Available Now

November 27, 2014: The American Conservatory of Music announces the availability of a new CD Audio recording entitled, "Recorder Christmas", featuring 23 traditional Christmas Carols performed on Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Recorders. Many are now enjoying this beautiful, angelic sounding recording during this Christmas Season.

NEWS: Doctoral Candidate selected for Recording Contract

July 22, 2013: The American Conservatory of Music is proud to announce that one of its Doctoral candidates, Thomas Koron, has achieved the distinction of being selected to provide his composition for solo piano entitled, "Romance", for inclusion on "America", a CD which is scheduled to be released by HillTop Records later this year. The CD is a showcase of some of our nation's finest young composers.

NEWS - American Conservatory of Music Doctoral Candidate Paul Kwami interviewed on 700 Club

Feb. 25, 2008. American Conservatory of Music Doctoral Candidate Paul Kwami was interviewed recently on the 700 Club Christian Television Program, by host reporter Mia Evans. Mr. Kwami is the Music Director of the world famous Fisk Jubilee Singers. His insight-filled musical directorship has renewed the vibrancy of this cultural icon. Since 1871, the Fisk Jubilee Singers has brought the unique tradition of African Spirituals to America, coast to coast and world-wide. The American Conservatory of Music congratulates Mr. Kwami and all the members of the Fisk Jubilee Singers for its contributions to America's cultural life and for carrying the Light of the Christian Gospel to many.

NEWS - The American Conservatory of Music honors its former Director of Admissions

The American Conservatory of Music honors its former Director of Admissions, Dr. Joseph L. Miller who served in this position from the Spring of 1992 to the moment when he passed away in July of 2010. Many students from all walks of life remember him for his constant support, his active lifestyle, and his sagacious demeanor.

NEWS - Authorities getting close to nabbing Spammer Gang

Authorities are getting close to nabbing the Spammer gang that has been attacking the American Conservatory's E-mail Server. It is requested that anyone who receives any e-mail "from" or originating from any domain name other than our official mail domains, should report this immediately by contacting the Chicago Campus at (219) 931-6000.

NEWS - Call to Action - Help the Cherokee Nation and other Indian Tribes.

Voice your support for them with your Congressional Representatives.

NEWS - The American Conservatory of Music warmly welcomes His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos Ware

The American Conservatory of Music warmly welcomes His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on the occasion of his visit to Chicago, thanks him for his tremendous contributions to Christian Orthodoxy, and wishes him "Many Years!"

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