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Success Factors

The ability to perform music creditably well is widespread in the general population.  Therefore, to achieve success in music requires something more.  There are four major attributes which are essential.  They are given below in order of importance.

Attribute #1:  Burning Desire

You must want what you want with utmost passion.  It is a significant characteristic of the human species that a person who really desires to accomplish a particular objective eventually finds a way to achieve it.  Such a person may fall flat on his or her face a few times, but sooner or later figures out how to reach the goal.  That is why we place this attribute as number one.

Attribute #2:  Unstoppable Determination

You must be prepared to do what it takes.  It is said that genius is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration.  Determination translates to hard work.  Some people may have more natural ability than you do.  Sufficient application and you will pass them up, as in the tortoise and the hare.

Attribute #3:  Unshakeable Confidence

There can be no room for doubt in your mind that you will succeed.  This is not a matter of so-called "self-esteem," which is an amateur concept.  Rather, you must make a careful study of yourself.  You are going to be sold into the media just like any other product, such as a tube of toothpaste.  You cannot sell anything without comprehensive product knowledge.  Once you really know yourself, and who you really are, no doubts as to your ultimate success will linger in your mind.  You may still have almost terminal stage fright.  But somewhere inside, you will know who you are.

Attribute #4:  Capacity for Musical Development

It is not without reason that the Conservatory is recognized as one of the principal professional music faculties in the world.  We have a history of more than a century of successful development of professional talent.  Based on our proprietary skills in the teaching of music, we can bring almost anyone up to some sort of professional level.  In the audition procedures we will attempt to determine whether we believe we will be able to develop you for a successful career.  Your present specific skills are not a significant factor in this determination.  Even if at first your musical talents are little more than average, we may be able to make you a success, provided you have the more important attributes of desire, determination, and confidence.


If you have a burning desire for success, willingness to work, unshakeable confidence in your talents, and a capacity for musical development under our tutelage, the odds are in your favor that you will achieve your goals.  Without these attributes you may be the performer of the century but the odds are against you.  Your success, if any, will never match your skills.

"...Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing..."

                -----Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

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